Stay Motivated

I think this blog post is for me rather than anyone else. However, I felt compelled to share it so that you could be blessed and encouraged too. We all go through things in this life and sometimes we need a little push in the right direction. There’s no better push I want to receive than a push from the Lord. The Lord keeps telling me to stay motivated. Stay motivated to the task you’ve been assigned.

The end we may not be able to see, but we know it’s there. The Lord tells us there is an expected end for us. We have to only believe and stand on the promises of God’s word. Having these truths, continue to go forward no matter what the road may look like. Complete the assignment even when you feel tired and feel like you can’t go on. We’re promised renewed strength, that we’ll walk on streets of gold, a mansion, and a crown. Better than that, we’re promised to be in the presence of the Lord for all eternity.

That’s enough to keep me motivated, how about you?

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Make The Most of Your Time

A while ago the Lord gave me a word about 24 hours in a day. At that time I was in a busy season of my life. Well here we are in May and once again I’m experiencing the busyness in my life. I’m still reminded of that word when I go throughout the days doing all that I can in them.

Now don’t get me wrong here, when I say do all you can in the day, it doesn’t mean neglecting the Lord’s will. We all have a purpose and should be about our Father’s business. I believe time is winding down for us here on this earth and we want to be ready when our Lord comes back. Only what we do for the kingdom of heaven will be accepted.

When taking care of the Lord’s business, He’ll take care of yours. He’ll show you how to get things done and how to do the most with the talents he’s given you. When you go through the rest of the time we have here on earth, remember, make the most of it.

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An Upper Room Experience

I was thinking about the disciples who were waiting in the upper room for the promise of the Comforter. And when the Holy Spirit came, they were all filled, anointed, empowered to speak with boldness. What an experience!

Thinking about that day encourages me to praise God every chance I have. Because I’ve learned that when I get involved in praising God, I have an Upper Room Experience. The Holy Spirit comes in and I feel the Lord inhabiting my praise. He pours down blessings upon me when I praise. I feel equipped, strong enough to do what I’ve been commissioned to do.

The disciples anointed and filled with the Holy Spirit’s power went out and preached the gospel to everyone they came into contact with. After having an encounter like that, you want to give God what is due his name. I want to go out and serve Him. I want to tell all those that I meet about this awesome God I serve.

Seek to have an Upper Room Experience. Allow the Lord to use you for his glory as you go out and do his will.

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We’ve been promised by the Lord that we’ll never be forsaken. Jesus told his disciples that he would have to leave so the comforter could come. Our comforter, the Hoy Ghost, dwells within us. He’s always with us, leading us and guiding us.

I thank Jesus for this promise because he endured being forsaken for you and me. Jesus knew we couldn’t bare it, so He went in our place. God turned away from Jesus, and He cried out to the Father, “why have you forsaken me”. Going thru this would have shook us to the core.

Thank you Father for never forsaking me, in Jesus name amen.

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Lighted Path

Psalms 119:105 says, Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. The Bible shows us the lighted path. If the pathway is in darkness, that’s not the path we should take.

I am lost without God’s word. His word guides me and shows me how to avoid falling into traps. His word teaches me how to walk and shows me just where to go.

Dear Lord I thank you for lighting the path for us to follow. My prayer is that you open our eyes to clearly see the way we are to go. Remove fear from the hearts of your people so they trust you alone and not lean into their own understanding. Place such a hunger and a thirst for your word on the inside of us like never before. Keep our feet from the path of darkness. In Jesus name, amen.

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Where there’s a will there’s a way. I often think about that cliché which reminds me to look at every circumstance for the possible solutions to get out of it. On a spiritual level, I think about the will being God’s will. When we have God’s will, God always makes a way to complete it.

God’s will is the plan for our lives. In God’s will there’s an expected end, because it’s His will, his assignment, his task, his command, and his commission.

When he gives us his will he will also always provide for us a way to complete the task, a way to get the assignment done with an expected finish line.

Be encouraged and know where there’s God’s Will, there’s a Way!

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What does it mean to say yes? Yes means that you’re giving an affirmative answer or decision. Yes means that you come into an agreement. We need to ask ourselves what do we say yes to when we said yes to the Lord. When you say yes to God’s will that means you’re coming into agreement with him. When you say yes to God’s will that means you have a made up my mind to serve him no matter what. When you say yes to God’s will, that means you are obeying his command.
Yes is a three letter word, it’s a small word. And although it’s a small word it has such a huge impact on each and everyone of our lives. Yes is the biggest word of action in response to the call God has placed upon your life. Today and everyday, I say Yes.

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When we get married, have kids, a job, your priorities seem to get jumbled together. Everything and everyone is top priority. When it comes to God, everything must get in line behind him. He clearly tells us in his word that if we seek first his kingdom then all these things shall be added unto you, Matthew 6:33. So there is a blessing that follows when we prioritize our lives placing God as number 1.
Prioritize doesn’t mean you will miss out on life. It only means that you will get your life in order according the word of God. Be encouraged. Allow God to pick and choose what you do. You’ll win in the end because God knows what he has planned for you.

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Sing the song of Moses when you’ve been delivered and set free. Sing the song of Moses because you’ve got the victory. Sing the song of Moses even when your going thru, knowing our Lord and savior will never forsake you.

The song of Moses was sung by the Israelites to celebrate their great deliverance from Egypt. We read in Revelation 15:3, that the saints will also sing the song of Moses in celebration of their victory over the devil.

When you want to start feeling down remind yourself that the battle’s already won. Begin to sing the song of Moses, this will make the enemy cringe. He knows his fate and we know our Lord is coming soon.

Be encouraged!

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God showed me an analogy the other day about the saints being doctors. The Lord uses us as doctors to do his will. We’re doctors with varying gifts which are the specialties we operate in.

Many are sick and dying daily oftentimes waiting for the doctor to help them. There are those who don’t want to see a doctor, but would rather walk around in denial telling themselves they’re not sick. Being doctors we can’t sit around talking amongst ourselves. The waiting rooms are full with those who are dependent on us.

Grab a chart, call out a name, and see how you can help someone.

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